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Be inspired to create your dream home with Tjhoko Paint

Back in 2016, when the colourful Tjhoko Paint journey began from humble beginnings – the mission was simple; to develop a chalk paint brand like no other. The brainchild of Nadine Vosloo, Tjhoko was developed, tested and manufactured by Paint Master under three generations of paint expertise. The formulation, a eco-friendly, high-quality chalk paint with a built-in primer and sealer has skyrocketed the brands popularity internationally. Focused on creating employment and empowerment – Tjhoko pays homage to the importance of every team members role in the business by naming the colours in the range after them.

“Tjhoko Paint is a proudly South African brand, made in South Africa by South Africans. Most colours in our range are named after people, our people. We are one big family, a diverse and colourful family” Nadine says in her book – Tjhoko Paint; Our Colours, Our Stories, Our People published in 2021. Tjhoko paint is a product and a community born and formed out of hard work and unwavering passion “Working on this book gave me the chance to focus on what I truly love – painting, creating, expressing myself, spending time with special people and working with Tjhoko Paint. True creativity is only possible where there is unconditional acceptance, and I am immensely grateful that Tjhoko Paint and its people have given me that”

With an ever growing colour and product range – Tjhoko is the go-to paint for anyone embarking on a DIY project. Due to the self-priming and sealing benefits of Tjhoko – minimal preparation is required. It’s no secret that preparation is key to the success of every paint project – but with Tjhoko, no sanding beforehand and no tedious waxing needed afterwards. Simply thoroughly clean surfaces such as wall tiles, varnished furniture, kitchen cabinets, metal and glass with lacquer thinners or for raw wood or cement surfaces – simply ensure surface is dust and dirt free. The water-based, eco-friendly, non-toxic formulation is pet and child safe, which means it isn’t only easy on your hands, but on our planet too and makes clean up a breeze. Tjhoko Pant proudly combines quality, modern colours and environmental consciousness like no other.

The art of upcycling and being resourceful.

The greatest new trend in interior decorating and design is being resourceful and sustainable. Taking on a space in your home that with a little imagination and touch of upcycling creativity you can create a stylish space that works for you. Making the most of what you already have, repurposing, refinishing and making new out of the old or sourcing second hand pieces on a shoe-string budget. Upcycling is a great way to dedicate your time and effort to creating something exceptionally unique – seeing your old items as a blank canvas for unlimited creativity and personal aesthetic.

Upcycling is a current trend that many are choosing to do – in its simplicity changes the look of an existing piece and sometimes it changes the function of a discarded, worn-out or beloved old piece – there is truly no limit to what you can create.

The creative opportunities with Tjhoko are truly endless, below we’ve shared a few helpful tips and some inspiration for creating your very own bedroom oasis and breathing new life into a kitchen from yesteryear.

Creating a dreamy, personal bedroom oasis. 

Intentional, conscious Colour usage and creative upcycling is the most powerful interior design instrument your creative arsenal could ever possess. Helping to create an energizing and calming space for you to rest your head that serves a retreat and feels lightyears away from day-to-day hustle and bustle.

Planning is key to a successful makeover, create Pinterest boards or purchase décor magazines to begin putting together a moodboard of what makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Decide on your budget and project timeline. Do you want to treat the space as a new makeover project and complete it in its entirety from start to finish, or take the time to spend searching over the course of a few weeks / months to find the ultimate pieces to merge into and transform what you already own. 

Planning the color usage within your space is the most integral leg of your bedroom makeover process, subtle hues of beige, grey, dusty blue and white can be incorporated alongside wooden textures and metal accent such as headboards and bedside lamps. Blues paired with the timeless, chic character of neutrals is a ideal way of bringing in colour without creating a super saturated, colourful space. Tjhoko Colours used: Lebo’s Light. Cloud White, and Pholoso.

You will need to decide if your current furniture and décor items in the space suite your needs and the plan. Do they need to be made over or replaced? Often, a simple change of colour creates a world of difference. Tjhoko Paint has a YouTube channel full of inspiration and step by step how to’s for transforming just about anything.

In this space – old rusty pressed ceiling boards were mounted to a wooden frame and transformed into a stunning detailed headboard and an old suitcase given legs used as a part of a bistro set on the room’s porch – perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon tea. The duvet set was freshened up with stunning faded stenciling detail and an side table used as a reading nook surface.

Tjhoko Tip: Put away the visual clutter. While Visual clutter is tricky because it’s not necessarily messy or obvious, it can still have a big effect on the overall look of a space. Items on dressing tables and nightstands, clothing, jewelry and products are all visually stimulating. Using organizational items such as baskets and boxes to contain smaller items add a refined polished look to any space. Gone are the days of the clear plastic containers – opt for beautiful wooden baskets or boxes, with personalized lables, and painted to your taste. 

Tjhoko Painting a kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home and keeping up with annual trends comes with a big price tag. This makes kitchens the best candidates for Tjhoko Paint makeovers, not only saving you the hefty bill of a costly refit but due to the endless opportunities to be creative and elevate your space. Tjhoko paint is such a versatile, welcome addition in a kitchen  – whether traditional, quirky or a modern space with linear lines – paint lends itself to all the classic looks. You don’t need to have a degree in DIY to rework your dated kitchen space.

While it is tempting to jump in and begin, there are a few immensely important steps before you reach for the paintbrush, roller or spray gun. Co-ordinating your thoughts and planning your design cohesively are key to making sure your time is well invested creating a kitchen you’ll love. It’s important to consider all elements, spaces surrounding your kitchen and items you love or loathe and what to keep or get rid of in your space. Once the decisions have been made – your colour options and ideas can begin flowing! White and neutral, charcoal and moody or colourful and whimsical – there’s a Tjhoko colour for each and every look.

Once you’ve picked your colours and planned out your project – the cleaning step in your preparation is key to success. Clean cabinets = longevity and a better finish. Sanding down cabinets prior to painting can be tedious however, thanks to Tjhoko’s built in sealer – you can happily put away that sandpaper.

Follow the steps below for a step by step on how to paint your cabinets:

Squeaky Clean Cabinets

Clean the surface well with lacquer thinners. When working in a kitchen it is especially important to remove greasy residue and dirt before painting. Wait about 40 minutes for the thinners to dry before you paint.

On or off?

Decide whether to remove the cabinet doors before painting, or to paint them in position on the cabinets. Its important to remember that each has their own pros and cons – removing the doors and hardware and painting them on a horizontal surface allows for easier coats painting and prevents drips, however removing the doors and re-installing them can be time consuming. We advise numbering the doors and keeping all relevant hinges and hardware in a ladled box or bag. This ensures the correct hinges and handles get reinstalled with the correlating doors.

If Painting with the cabinets in position  – it is important to keep an eye out for drips and ensure hard to reach corners are reached with a smaller brush or roller.

The right tools

Each surface requires its own painting equipment. Soft Ensign brushes are best for joins, edges and sections where a roller cannot reach. A 110mm or 160mm sponge roller is suitable for medium-sized cabinets and a 225mm mohair roller is perfect for larger fl at surfaces.

Sponge rollers can be tricky. Here are some tips:

  • Do not roll over the same spot too many times.
  • Load the roller with enough paint, evenly spread across it.
  • Roll long, even strokes and make sure there is always enough paint on the roller.

Be Patient

Wait for each coat of paint to dry completely before applying the next. After applying the final coat, wait at least four hours, but preferably overnight, and then apply two coats of Tjhoko paint Clear Glaze with a damp microfibre cloth diluted 1:1 with cooled down boiled water. The Clear Glaze adds an extra layer of protection in kitchens which are high traffic areas, We advise waiting 30 minutes or more between Glaze coats.

It is crucial to work in a well-lit space – if you spot any streaks, simply apply another coat of paint over the top. All Tjhoko products are water based and this means you can paint over the Glaze if you want to change the colour at a later stage. We do not advise painting worktops or counters in a kitchen due to these being high traffic areas.

When making creative decisions in your space and embarking on a journey to elevate your home. Treat your space makeover transformation like a road-trip, without a map or clear journey plan, you might never reach your designation, use colour with creative intent and purpose and most importantly – enjoy the creative journey and have fun!

For more inspiration, get your very own copy of the Tjhoko Paint book: Tjhoko Paint; Our Colours, Our Stories, Our People – available on our online store or from your nearest stockists – check out our website www.tjhokopaint.co.za

Tjhoko paint has a international community that offers help, inspiration and endless creative ideas. Join our international family – Follow us on social media or get in touch with us on support@tjhokopaint.co.za

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