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Embark on a journey like no other

Imagine a wild open space; a place where the air is clear and filled with the promise of re-discovery. Now imagine yourself right there, immersed in the magical land that is South Africa’s Namaqua West Coast.

Easily one of the Cape’s most unique travel destinations, the Namaqua West Coast is a place of iconic beauty and evocative names. It is the home of the rieldans and the blikkitaar, of skuit-bakkies on the beach and bokkoms slow-curing under the eaves; of Namaqualand’s extraordinary botanical heritage, from the drama of blooming vygieveld in spring to the dwarf succulents of the Knersvlakte.

Hike in the Matzikamma, Koebee and Gifberg Mountains; canoe and river raft on the Olifants and Doring Rivers. Head out on an off-road bike or 4×4 along the coast from Strandfontein to Jurg-se-Kaya or Brand-se-baai, or visit the people of the Hardeveld and towns like Molsvlei, Stofkraal and Putsekloof.

 Namaqua West Coast offers the combination of clean air, singular landscapes and challenging activities. This is the land ripe for exploration; a land where you can truly find yourself. Adventure Beckons:

Viswater Mountain Bike Route

Doringbaai – Papendorp

The Viswater Mountain Bike Route is a circularroute of approximately 30km that starts at Doringbaai and meanders to Papendorp andback again. It spans a wide variety of surfacesand diverse vegetation. At certain places, you willbe as close as 50m from the ocean. At the start,you will experience incredible single-track pathsup to Papendorp and then you will take on anopen gravel road back to Doringbaai.

Papendorp & Olifantsriver Estuary

Visit Papendorp and explore the Olifantsriver Estuary.
Take a short hike to the Bird Hyde, find yourself at the Labyrinth of Memories or be more adventurous and active and take your Stand-up paddle or canoe and explore the canals of the Olifants River mouth. If you are lucky you can experience a true Weskus catch of the day by local fishermen or even join them on one of their ‘skuitjies’ (a small fisherman’s boat)

Take a selfie at the Sishen-Saldanha railway bridge.

This impressive bridge over the Olifants River is worth a brief stop on your journey. Completed in 1975, the bridge is 1035m in length, supported by 22 pillars that each extend 45m into the riverbed

Head out on the 4×4, 80km circle route that takes you over the Gifberg mountain. Experience magical views, interesting rock formations, farm life, hiking trails, San Rock Art, seasonal Waterfalls and winding gravel roads.

Explore Vanrhynsdorp and Go back in time. Visit the world-famous nurseries,
Van Rhyn museum, Old Jail & War graves. Take an easy stroll around town and discover buildings dating back as far as the 1700s

Wandering Whale Labyrinth – Strandfontein
Take a short hike from Strandfontein to the Wandering Whale Labyrinth. Built on a clifftop at the edge of the ocean, from here you will find trails to explore with dramatic sea views up and down the coast. Come wintertime these cliffs serves as an excellent look out point for whales.

Sunset Picnics & Beach Walks
Stock up at local farmstalls with farm-style preserves and nuggets of sweet skuinskoek to complete your Weskus picnic basket.

Roosterkoek in Lutzville
We love our Roosterkoek-tannies! Have you tried one?
Munch on a Roosterkoek in Lutzville.
For many families, it is a Saturday morning tradition to buy warm and fresh roosterkoek with smoor and wors.
Roosterkoek = (bread dough that is cooked on a grid on an open fire)

Go Beyond our Borders
Surrounding our area, we have a wealth of experiences and hospitality to enjoy. The splendour of the Cederberg mountains – the desolate yet enthralling Boesmanland and the vast stretches of the Great Karoo are but a few of these gems.

Wild Camping (Gert du Toit se Baai, Brandsebaai, Skaapvlei)

Where the Hardeveld meets the ocean is an expansive, wild and desolate coastline. The raw beauty of the landscapes attracts a particular kind of traveller who enjoys camping in the rough and the solitude of going off-road. It’s here that you’ll find soul-replenishing hideaways like Brand-se-Baai and Skaapvlei among the many remote bays and inlets.

Follow the West Coast Wine Route.

The West Coast wine route begins in the hills around Trawal in the south to Olifants River mouth in the north. Doringbaai and Lambertsbaai on the Atlantic coast form the western border. The route is well marked and easy to follow and most wineries have their own tasting facilities, family-friendly restaurants and interesting wine pairings with local produce. Crowds are for New Year, not wine tasting. On the West Coast Wine Route, expect an intimate and fulfilling experience like no other – from charming, family-run farms in unique locations, to some of South Africa’s most famous mega-wineries.

Please contact our tourism office at 082 608 7554 / 027 201 3376 / info@visitnwc.com for more information and great accommodation options. www.visitnwc.com

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