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Delicious Fruit Ice Lollies

Delicious Fruit Ice Lollies

All you need is your favourite fruit, some sugar, water as well as a little patience and your homemade “water ice” is almost complete.

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For Fruit Ice Lollies

  • 400 g fruit 1
  • 100 g fruit 2
  • 80-100 ml water
  • 80-100 g sugar
  • ½ juice lemon


For the Basic Recipe


For the basic recipe, boil the water with the sugar and let it cool down. If your fruit of choice is particularly sweet, make sure to adjust the quantity of sugar. Mix the fruits separately, add some lemon juice into both and mix proportionally with the sugar syrup. In order not to change the flavour of the fruit, make sure the syrup is always cold before mixing it together with the fruit.

Multi-coloured ice cream


If you want multi-coloured ice cream, fill one type of fruit juice after the other into the forms. But take care if you do not want the colour to mix, freeze for about 10 minutes after adding each type of fruit. Once done, the filled forms are placed in the freezer for 40 minutes. Then insert a wooden or plastic handle. Freeze for at least another 3 hours and enjoy ice-cold!

Delicious fruit flavours and great colour combinations


Delicious fruit flavours and great colour combinations can be created by using combinations like raspberry and kiwi or peach and blueberry. Different types of melon, such as water melon or honeydew melon, taste delicious as well, and their colours resemble a beautiful summer sunset. Mint leaves also go perfectly with melon. For a tasty little surprise, add small pieces of fruit to the ice cream.

Citrus fruit ice cream


Citrus fruit ice cream: for a lemon ice cream, take 400g of lemon juice. For an orangey flavour, use the juice of 10 oranges. In the sugar syrup (according to the recipe), the peels of 3 organic lemons are cooked as well for both the lemon and the orange flavour. For mandarin ice cream, you need the juice of 15 mandarins, some lemon juice and for the syrup the skins of 1 lemon and 3 mandarins.

Fruit ice and frozen yoghurt


Fruit ice and frozen yoghurt are a delicious combination. You can also make colourful ice lollies with them. For the frozen yoghurt, mix 1 tsp of vanilla extract and 50g of sugar with 500g of yoghurt (100% fat). Then, alternate the fruit puree as described above and fill yoghurt into the moulds. Again, remember to freeze for 10 minutes after every flavour.

Tips for ice-makers: it is easiest to puree fridge-cold fruit. If you own a smoothie maker or juicer, use it for this recipe. And fruit with seeds, such as raspberries or kiwis, should be puréed. If you do not have any ice cream forms, you can also use plastic cups. Plain wooden swish kebab skewers make perfect ice cream sticks if you shorten and use two for each ice lolly.

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